24/7/365 access to a team of world-class, certified ethical hackers to repair and harden your website.

Website Backups


Your website is backed up every day, and synced with three cloud solutions: WPEngine (our WordPress host), Amazon Cloud, and Google Cloud.

This ensures all of your data is securely backed up. So, IF an attack occurs, our 24/7/365 central monitoring office will be alerted and manually verify your website has been compromised. At that point, your website will be put into a “freeze” state, where we revert to the most recent backup of your website that has been verified clean.

Once your website has been restored to a clean state and has been “frozen”, our team then analyzes your website’s firewall and “intrusion detection system” to identify how the intrusion occurred and therefore, how to patch the security vulnerability.

While your primary backups live on WPEngine.com, our custom scripts run every 24 hours to store 2 additional secure backups. These secure backups are stored in an encrypted state in both Google and Amazon’s cloud.

Depending on your industry’s needs, we can store these backups for up to 7 years. Contact us today @ (833) SITE-FIX to get secure backups set up with your webhosting today!

Without website backups, there’s simply no way to restore a website to a “verified clean” version after an intrusion.

With on-going website backups, doing a hacked website repair is as simple as restoring a clean backup and patching the vulnerability before putting the website back online.

One of the benefits of SECURELI‘s website hosting is built in automated website backups to ensure any hack attacks or intrusions can be easily mitigated with a simple phone call.