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Secure Webhosting


Our secure hosting platform is unique. Not only is your digital asset protected by a web application firewall to protect against website attacks and malware, it is backed up to both the Google and Amazon cloud for double-redundancy.

If at any point Google’s infrastructure goes down, our system automatically switches to point to your website hosted on Amazon’s infrastructure.

One of our best advantages is that we provide an industry recognized “disaster recovery process”.

Essentially, any server or website that is accessible on the internet CAN be hacked. The question is not IF… the question is WHEN.

Huge corporations like Equifax, Netflix, and Disney have been hacked. They have a virtually unlimited budget on digital security, so what happened?

The answer is they were compromised, but did not have the proper emergency procedures in place to respond to their security incidents.

With SECURELI, your website will be protected with bank-grade security. But, even banks get hacked. That being said, if a security incident DOES occur, our 24/7/365 team will be able to get you back online within minutes.

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