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Malware Removal


Malware removal can be difficult. For 90% of websites, commonly identified “signatures” are scanned against your entire website to see if there is any known malware.

That’s where we go above and beyond – how would we know if you’re the 10% that has customized malware installed?

Well, there are a few techniques that we implement.

First, we do what is called a “diff” – that is, a technique to compare your existing files to the “source” files that come directly from WordPress.

Another major indicator of where the malware has infected your website is the most recently changed files. In 99% of compromised websites, we can identify what files were modified most recently, and manually inspect those files for malicious code.

Finally, once our security team is convinced your website has been cleaned, our QA (quality assurance) team runs a “clone” of your website in a “virtual machine” and captures all network activity on the clone of your website. This identifies if there is something our team originally missed.

This three step process ensures that we are not only able to remove the malware, but also, if requested, perform a forensics analysis on your website to determine the impact of the malware.

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