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What You Can Expect

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Identify Security Issues

We scan your site and create backups just in case. Our secure ticketing system keeps you informed as our analysts work to repair your hacked website.

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Repair the Damage

We guarantee an end to malware, SEO spam, hidden backdoors, and blacklist warnings. You’ll receive a complete report when we’re done.

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Ongoing Security Monitoring & Maintenance

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1. Submit your Website Information

All plans are guaranteed and include a year of ongoing protection. You’ll never be charged hidden fees or extra costs. Just pick a plan you can afford.

2. Our Team Immediately Begins Taking Action to Repair your Website

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee because we know we can help. After completing your billing information, you’ll get access to the Sucuri Dashboard.

3. Open a Malware Removal Request

Click Support and open a Malware Removal Request. If you don’t know your FTP information, give us the login info for your hosting company,
cPanel, or Plesk.

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Whether you have 1 site or 10,000+ Secureli has solutions built for you.

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“When you have so many clients and websites, we can’t look at everything all the time. We need someone proactively checking on our behalf. Sucuri knows about security issues before they become a problem.”

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