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WordPress Version Number Disclosure

WordPress is a platform super popular for hackers, as it powers ~70% of the websites online.

The most common way they are hacked are due to outdated core versions of WordPress, insecure plugins, and insecure themes.

We decided to create a script that would allow us to quickly identify if a website was vulnerable to WordPress, based on its version number.

https://wpvulndb.com/wordpresses/ was our resource for creating an array in Golang to check against the version number we pulled from our internal WordPress version number identification script.

This script turned out to be FAST! It was our first time working with Golang, and the shear power of multithreading HTTP requests made it a game changer when monitoring & scanning millions of WordPress sites, to contact website owners & agencies with this vulnerability information, so we can prevent them from having to rely on a hacked website repair service or WordPress malware removal.