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What You Can Expect

No matter what the time, or the extent of the damage, our 24/7/365 team is standing by to repair your website and provide comprehensive end-to-end security monitoring & protection.

Secure Your Website

Secure Your Website

The first step we take is to identify the fastest way to get your website cleaned & back online. Our team immediately determines the impact of the intrusion and develops the most time-efficient plan of action to repair the damage.

To do this, we essentially walk through how an attacker would compromise your digital assets by identifying security holes on your public-facing website. Once these security holes are identified, we patch them to avoid further malicious activity.

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Website Malware Removal

Website Malware Removal

We use both automated and manual tools to identify malware installed on your website. Our security analysts all specialize in website malware removal. Essentially, our automated platform scans your website for “signatures” – unique patterns that identify known malware .

After this automated scan identifies 99% of malware, our software development team walks through the malware and pulls it out of the code powering your website.

We then deploy the website to our secure hosting platform, while our manual source code analysis team reviews all recently modified files for malicious code, removes the malware, and deploys the final version of your clean & secured website.

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Ongoing Security Monitoring & Maintenance

Ongoing Security Monitoring & Maintenance

Now that your website is clean & live, our public relations department notifies all search engines that your website has been repaired by a professional website malware removal company.

After being notified that your hacked website has been repaired, teams at Google and Microsoft manually verify your website and your blacklisted status will be removed from all search engines.

In addition to this, we enable the SECURELI Website Security Engine™ which actively monitors, analyzes, and protects your website for any and all malicious activity. We provide daily backups of your website to ensure all of your data is protected, and guarantee 99.99% uptime.

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What You Need To Get Started

Simply pick up the phone now and call our 24/7/365 team @ +1 (833) SITE-FIX, and our team will handle the rest.

1. Submit Your Website Information

Once your account manager receives your website information, we guarantee your website will be repaired within 24 hours, but usually closer to 4-6 hours. Your account manager will assign a day-time and night-time dedicated security analyst that will be responsible for your site's security.

2. Our Team Immediately Begins Taking Action To Repair Your Website

We repair the damage and secure your website using both automated and manual website security tools to ensure 100% coverage of all current and potential security vulnerabilities.

3. Our Team Continues To Monitor and Maintain Your Website's Security

24/7/365 monitoring. Hands-free security patching for website vulnerabilities. Daily comprehensive backups. 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Unlimited phone and e-mail support. You have a dedicated security team available to you with one phone call.

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